5 Times Celebrity Involvement Ruined Video Games

Bruce Lee (Kinda)

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

Before Bruce Lee appeared in the UFC games, he was the main character of a little-known SNES beat-em-up-slash-fighting-game called Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. Based on the movie of the same name, a highly fictionalized posthumous account of Lee's life, the video game saw players take control of Bruce Lee as he punches and kicks his way through enemies. Sounds fun, right?


Bruce Lee's movement speed is painfully slow, and though enemies don't really pose much of a threat, they take way too many hits to defeat. The game doesn't require skill, it requires patience. And for a game starring Bruce Lee, it doesn't really feature many special or impressive martial arts moves. Most players will just end up front kicking their way through the game until they get bored and give up. 

Perhaps this is an example of a game that could have been better with more celebrity involvement-- had Bruce Lee actually been around to oversee the creation of the movie and game, we might be having a completely different discussion here. Unfortunately, we'll never know.

Published Jun. 19th 2016

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