5 Things We Want to See in the Upcoming WWE 2K18 Game

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More Matches!

Current WWE 2K games are trying to replicate the actual matches that happen in reality, like one-on-one, tag team, extreme rules, etc. But what if players want to experience a fun and creative match? Unfortunately, when WWE 2K15 came out, many unique matches like inferno matches, special guest referee matches, and more were taken out of the game. 

If those matches that were taken out were to be brought back in WWE 2K18, along with other matches like Buried Alive, casket match, barbed wire match, and others, fans would definitely have something to look forward to. There would be lots of possibilities with those matches, which could also increase replay value. 


These are just a handful of things we want to see in this year's installment of the WWE 2K franchise. There are many other technicalities and mechanics that can be improved or enhanced, but the ones that are listed here are some of the basic ones, since they can greatly enhance the gameplay experience and make the game more authentic, interactive, and realistic. Even if at least one of these suggestions will be taken into consideration and implemented into the game, WWE 2K18 will surely become a much better title when compared to its modern predecessors.

What other improvements and additions would you like to see in the upcoming WWE 2K18 game? Feel free to share in the comment section!

Published Jun. 21st 2017

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