New Eville Trailer Shows All The Ways You Can Die

It's a deadly world out there in the latest Eville trailer.

Death comes to those who wait and everyone else in the latest Eville trailer. VestGames compiled a video showing several ways your hapless and not-so-innocent villagers can meet a grisly end if they're not careful.

Death by fire is almost guaranteed when playing Eville. Those convicted of wrongdoing, whether guilty or not, face a gruesome end while their accusers stand by and watch.

Perhaps it's better than languishing at the pointy end of a spike trap, though, or slowly dying from poison. Or being murdered in your bed.

Eville pulls no punches when it comes to filling out the Grim Reaper's schedule, but fortunately, you're given plenty of ways to keep yourself safe as well. From sleuthing abilities to setting traps and monitoring the suspicious, the resourceful have a unique arsenal available to keep them alive — unless they're outsmarted first.

Death isn't the end, however. While recent Eville playtests haven't included the feature, VestGames is adding even more for the dead to do once they've crossed over aside from floating around, and it'll be available once Eville enters early access later in 2021.


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Published May. 12th 2021

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