Fallout Shelter has new rooms and more available for your Vault

Fallout Shelter gets its biggest update yet with new rooms and new mechanics.

Fallout Shelter is getting its biggest update since its release. New rooms, new mechanics, new pets, and more are going to be filling your vault with the latest update. 

In a nod to Fallout 4, the new Weapons and Armor crafting rooms, players can turn junk items into things that the player can use by crafting. Now that players will need junk, the Lunchboxes will have a fifth item of junk. Junk will also be available from your Wasteland wanderers. 

Ever just killed off one of your dwellers because you did not want their hairstyle dirtying the gene pool of your vault? Well, now that won't be a problem because the Barbershop is a newly available room for your vault. Players will now be able to customize the look of their vault dwellers. 

Expanding on the last update that brought cats and dogs to the vault, parrots will now be available as pets. Some more dogs and cats have also been added, as well as new pet bonuses. 

Also, the game can now simulate the passing of the day with a moving sun. 


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Published Feb. 29th 2016
  • Lad Johnson
    I'm sooo tempted to start a new vault!
  • kate.farrow
    Community Manager
    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up. Pets? Nobody told me there were pets! **Starts playing Fallout Shelter again**
  • KendraG
    Yeah they are adorable! You can even get Dogmeat.

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