Respawn Targets Titanfall Cheaters

Respawn is working to identify Titanfall hackers and will soon have an anti-cheat system.

Titanfall has been out for less than a week and it seems that cheaters are already ruining the experience for many gamers. Thankfully, Respawn Entertainment is well aware of the problem is working to target and take down players utilizing aimbots and other cheating tactics. 

Yesterday, software engineer Jon Shiring responded to complaints on Twitter about hackers becoming a major annoyance so soon after the game’s release. Shiring responded, saying that Respawn has an anti-cheat system in place, but that it has just not been enabled yet. “It will be soon,” Shiring assured. “This is important to us.” 

According to Shiring, cheaters are currently only a problem on PC, but that’s not to say the Xbox One version is immune. The two main Titanfall hacks being used are an ESP Wallhack, which highlights enemies at all times, and Aimbots, that automatically target and shoot enemies for you.

While Respawn’s anti-cheat system hasn’t been turned on yet, they’re actively keeping tabs on which players are breaking the rules.

"Finding cheaters in Titanfall? So are we," Respawn tweeted last week. "We're logging them now and they will be rooted out shortly."

The developer hasn’t stated exactly how those players will be punished, but in other online first-person shooters, hackers are often suspended or permanently banned.

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Published Mar. 17th 2014

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