10 Of The Best Video Game Tattoos

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Mario Sleeve

I look at this and immediately get excited. From the mushroom to the warp pipes, everything that scream Mario is definitely here. 

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Nintendo Montage Sleeve

Taking Mario one step further, this guy/girl decided not to stop there. There's Donkey Kong, Samus from Metroid, Link from Legend of Zelda, and more on this incredible Nintendo sleeve. 

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Master Chief from Halo

The detail and color on this one is mind-blowing. Look at how majestic he looks. 

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Sonic the Hedgehog

I don't think Sonic has looked any better. This tattoo artist knew what he was doing, this piece is flawless!

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Another Mario Sleeve

Perhaps 1-upping (pun intended) our first slide, this sleeve is a much more realistic version of Mario. This time it's a scene from the game, and it looks like Mario is about to learn about Bullet Bill the hard way.

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Sonic, Mario, Legend of Zelda, and More

Now this sleeve is just epic. Maybe I'm biased because I'm a huge Sonic fan, but the contrast between Sonic and Shadow is so well-done I'm almost speechless. 

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Haunter from Pokemon

I had to take a second look at this one when I first saw it. How fantastic is this Haunter? The shading and color contrasts beautifully.

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Amaterasu from Okami

Speaking of contrast, the red and blues here are quite eye-catching. This is an awe-worthy back piece if I've ever seen one. 

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Dhalsim from Street Fighter

A clever use of angles, this Dhalsim tattoo creates the illusion that the wearer's foot is actually about to cause someone serious pain. Too bad the tattoo wouldn't help him in a real fight. 

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Venom from Spider-Man

I saw this and had no choice but to include it, Venom being my favorite villain, and Spider-man being my favorite super hero. However, it's not just because I'm fan-girling pretty hard. Looking at that detail, it's hard not to be impressed. 

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Published Apr. 1st 2014

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