Are You Ready for Halloween? Watch Dogs Limited Edition Announced with Vigilante Mask

Watch Dogs Limited Edition announced with statuette and vigilante mask.

Today Ubisoft officially announced the limited edition version of Watch Dogs, the already-popular third person action game. Like most Ubisoft titles, Watch Dogs will come with a 9" statuette, this one of Adrian Pierce, the game's protagonist as well and a steel book cover for the disc, and the games official soundtrack.

Also included is the vigilante mask worn by the game's anti-hero. All you need now is the trench coat and you will be all set for this year's Halloween. 

The game will be available to for all current generation and next-gen consoles as well as PC. The game follows a man seeking revenge using the art of hacking to manipulate his environment to include tapping cell phones, using GPS software and changing traffic conditions to his favor. 

Pre-orders are available and most main retailers and will cost between $60.00 and $130.00. Watch Dogs will be available for the current hardware on November 19th of this year and will be a launch title for next generation consoles.


Published Jul. 18th 2013
  • audrey.mcmains
    Your a great writer! Besides, your helping people prepare for Halloween...doing some multitasking!

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