10 Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2019

Phoenix Point

Developer: Snapshot Games
Release date: June 2019

It is always exciting when a founding father of a genre returns to their roots. That is what Phoenix Point is.

It is being made by the creator of the original X-COM series, Julian Gollop. It is a squad-based game using turn-based tactics and strategy and is said to be the true spiritual successor of the original series. It has already got a massive fanbase, which is evident from its hugely successful Fig campaign, launched in 2017, where it raised $765,948.

In the future, Earth is decimated by a deadly outbreak called the Pandoravirus. It has the ability to mutate a being almost instantly by combining human, animals and alien DNA. This gives the game an ever-evolving menace to deal with. The aliens themselves are procedurally generated so players will constantly be having to evolve their own tactics in order to defeat them.

Upon release, Phoenix Point will be available on PC, Mac and Xbox One.

Published Nov. 21st 2018

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