PAX East 2013 Pros and Cons

One PAXer gives three great things (and one not-so-great thing) about PAX East!

Second day at PAX EAST 2013 and it seems to have a bigger crowd today... and way more excitement! Since Friday the Expo hall has been packed with many exciting gamers looking to see what is the next big hit, and there it seems to be a lot of contenders. Below I will go down some of the Pros and Cons of PAX EAST 2013:


1.  Wildstar Online - My New Top MMO

Met with the developers, played the demo and the game so far seems great. It seems that they are collecting what is the best about every other MMO out there and at the same time they are looking into what players like the most, like: exploration, collecting stuff and building your own house.  I really hope they don't mess it up.

2.  Ascension/Spellforge

I played Spellforge over at the Ascension booth and it's amazing!  I had so much fun playing it against a friend that I was at the point of opening my wallet and just throwing money at them. Seriously, the game is out on iPad/iPhone, but it is set to be realized at the end of the year for Android as well.

3 - NVIDIA Project SHIELD 

Play your PC games on the go?! It streams your PC games to what looks like an XBOX controller with a screen on it.  Believe or not, it's amazing! Similar to the WiiU remote but for PC, just imagine the possibilities! (Like playing while on the toilet... every gamers' dream.)



Just one thing...: BRONIES  - Do I have to say anything else?

These were my pros and cons, time to go back and enjoy the show!


Published Apr. 26th 2013

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