How to catch shiny Pokemon in XY/ORAS

Chain Fishing, Masuda Method, and the Shiny Charm will all help you catch shiny Pokemon.

Ever wanted that awesome looking black Charizard? Or maybe a purple Vaporeon? Whatever your favorite Pokémon is, there is an alternate colored version of it called a shiny.

A lot of people know about shiny Pokemon, but many do not know how to obtain them. This guide is here to give you three methods to catch shiny Pokémon. I have used each of these, and they have all worked for me.

Chain Fishing

This method has had a pretty great rate of success for me. What you will need is as follows:

  • Old Rod, Good Rod, or Super Rod (depending on which Pokémon you are trying to catch)
  • A Pokémon with the Suction Cups or Sticky Hold ability. A Pokémon with one of these abilities should lead your party, as both abilities ensure that you will always get a bite using your fishing rod. Some Pokémon who have these abilities include Octillery, Inkay, Malamar Lileep, and Cradiliy.

Find a fishing spot that is surrounded by rocks and is blocked off. This gives you a better success rate, and traps the Pokemon in.

Now that you have all of your tools, you are ready. What you need to do is just keep fishing. This process works by simply encountering Pokémon; you do not need to battle them, simply continue to hook Pokémon on your fishing rod, and run from the battle. Continue to do this and you have a shot at catching a shiny. 

A warning: do not move from your spot while you are trying to chain fish. If you move your character at all you will break your chain. Just stay still and make sure you hit A when you get a bite. 

Masuda Method

This one is fairly straight-forward and is named after Junichi Masuda, who first programmed the method into Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

You breed 2 Pokémon who are from different countries, and it increases the chance of breeding a shiny. An example is breeding a Japanese male Eevee with an American female Eevee. This would give you a better chance of breeding a shiny Eevee, as opposed to just breeding two American Eevee or two Japanese Eevee. 

Masuda Method will give you a 1 in 1366 chance of hatching a shiny, which is obviously still rare. The upside to Masuda Method is that you can choose almost any Pokémon you want to try to hatch. In that sense, it is better than Chain Fishing, which limits you to catching only Pokémon able to be caught while fishing. 

Shiny Charm

This is by far the most difficult method, but it will increase your chance of catching and hatching shiny Pokémon. By completing the Pokédex in both XY and ORAS, you receive the Shiny Charm from the game's professor. This increases your chance of catching a shiny in the wild or hatching one.

(Image from Gamefaqs)

These are my three tips for catching shiny Pokemon. I hope they helped, and happy hunting.  


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Published Sep. 29th 2017
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