PSN Activity Might Be Shared With "Affiliated Companies"

Sony's new terms of use agreement mentions the possibility of your activity and regular habits on PlayStation Network being shared with other companies.

Privacy issues seem to be at the forefront of modern discussions involving electronic media.  In the imminent new console generation, the discussion has revolved primarily around the Xbox One and Microsoft's theorized uses of the Kinect that comes packaged with it. But also, much of the PlayStation 4's early public support came about simply by keeping itself from sounding unpleasantly ambitious from a marketing standpoint.

PlayStation Network's new Terms of Use agreement might make some people think twice.

The new Terms of Use make very specific mention that Sony monitors the activity and regular habits of users on PSN, but more directly to the point it also states the gaming company may share that information with other companies.

The type of information that can be gained from a person's gaming history varies depending on the individual, but it is still a look into information many of us do not particularly want made public.

On the hopeful side, information monitoring may be used more for sales and the like than for the kind of targetted advertising Microsoft upset people with hints of.  Tracking how many people show interest in a given game without buying it can be a good indicator of how well-received a price reduction would be.

As always, be sure to at least skim the fine print on anything you send personal information across.  I expect we will hear more about exactly how Sony intends to use this information before there is too much time for people to get angry.

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Published Nov. 11th 2013

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