Deus Ex meets Shadow of the Colossus in Prey for the Gods

Satisfy your giant slaying desires with a new action game from the director behind Titan Quest and Grim Dawn

From No Matter Studios, a three man team of experienced game developers, comes Prey for the Gods -- a game that pits you against the gods your protagonist once believed in.

You play a lone hero sent to the edge of a dying world to investigate the cause of a never-ending winter. Armed with only simple weaponry and the clothes on your back, you must survive the dangers that call the desolate landscape home, and restore balance to the world.

It's like Shadow of the Colossus, Deus Ex, and BloodBorne had a baby.


  • Colossal battles with giants. Climb your foes and take part in battles across all limbs and body parts. Engage in fights reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus
  • Intensive survival gameplay. Hunt, scavenge, and find safety against the cold winds.
  • Dynamic weather and day/night cycle. Weather patterns make snowy terrain much more engaging and dangerous.
  • A vast and discoverable frozen world
  • Compelling musical score. From Ian Dorsch, the primary composer for games such as Gears of War 3 and Xbox Fitness, as well as Skewsound, comes a soundtrack capable of bringing life to the cold atmosphere of the game.

The World

The landscape is just as unforgiving as the enemies you'll face.


Prey for the Gods is unique in that its gameplay is non-linear. Players will have the freedom to explore and choose who to battle, when, and how. However, traversing the landscape will be difficult. In a world where the environment is just as dangerous as the giants you're after, exploration is rewarding, but ultimately very risky.

A trek out to find your next foe could have you changing course and looking for shelter.

A dynamic weather system will randomly change the environment. One day it will be snowing, the next, sunny and bright. The system will keep you on your toes and force you to adapt and change your current approach.

And when the snow batters down, players will have to hunt for food and find a safe cave to wait and rest — a place where more dangerous creatures may lurk.

The combat in Prey for the Gods is fast-paced, brutal, and up to you.

Combat System

Tight controls and fast reactions are the difference between a quick death and conquering gigantic foes. Dodging will be key, as you control your hero from a third-person perspective and gain knowledge of the weaknesses your foes possess.  

Tight controls and fast reactions are the difference between a quick death and conquering gigantic foes

Preparation is everything. Every giant you encounter will be unique, and the game gives you the opportunity to fight whenever you please.

Do you face the threat head-on? Or do you wait in the shadows and sneak up when the time is right?

You decide when to fight.

Prey for the gods

Prey for the Gods will launch with five bosses.

Prey for the Gods is now on Kickstarter with a pledge goal of $300,000.

At that budget, five bosses will be available at launch, ranging from unique bipedal creatures to quadruped and flying monsters. This, combined with the intense survival, action, and non-linear gameplay, seems to be a fair value.

Stretch goals will allow the team to expand their scope and add more art, animations, and orchestral scores. There will also be numerous rewards for backers. At $15, you will receive your own digital copy of the game distributed through Steam upon release. Higher donations will allow you to become an in-game statue or fallen hero.

From the looks of it, Prey for the Gods combines all favorable elements present in action survival games and encompasses them within an engaging and dynamic world. It's sure to be a game to watch out for, so stay updated.

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Published Jul. 7th 2016

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