Clash Of Kings Set To Hold Massive Secret Event At PAX

Clash of Kings is celebrating its third anniversary with lots of new stuff for fans.

Clash of Kings, the wildly popular strategy mobile game, will be showcasing a “surprise event” at PAX this weekend. The event will be presented in the entrance hall of the Washington State Convention Center on September 2-3 from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST.

While the main event is shrouded in mystery, there are some confirmed elements. First, the event will celebrate Clash of King’s third anniversary -- bringing with it new changes and new items to play with in-game. Second is that there will be a giant dragon for con-goers to view. Elex Tech, the creators of Clash of Kings, will be open for interviews with the press at this time.

This is said to be the start of an all-new storyline for the game in which Dragons go to war with all the factions. Elex is said to be holding several future events, including the possibility of a player tournament in the US. 

The celebration will come with its own in-game items during the anniversary such as the 3-Year Anniversary Sigil. To obtain the 3-Year Anniversary Sigil exclusive rewards, these 4 challenges must be achieved:

  1. Log in during the Anniversary event period.
  2. Unlock any civilization-exclusive dragon.
  3. Unlock any civilization-exclusive hero.
  4. Attack and conquer any rivaling civilization’s castle.

Players who have achieved the 3-Year Anniversary rewards will be displayed on the Lord’s Interface.

Changes are also coming to the ranking feature with the introduction of Military Rank Points. Whenever you fight another player or participate in cross-server events, you will earn Military Rank Points. These rank points can be used to buy equipment and cosmetic items. Every week, bonuses will be granted to skilled players who top the leaderboards.

With Military Rank Points come Honor, which is earned through battles and events too. Honor can permanently enhance skills and a maximum of 25,000 Honor can be earned per week.

These changes come after Clash of King’s addition of three civilizations: Dragonborn, Yamoto, and Vikings. Each civilization comes with its own perks, special heroes, and civilization-based dragons. Civilizations come with their own point system and are able to be swapped between three.

Clash of Kings is available to download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.


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Published Aug. 30th 2017

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