GDC Survey indicates rising developer interest in VR and eSports

GDC annual "State of the Industry" survey reveals developers choice of platforms.

According to a recent "State of the Industry" survey, interest in developing for Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS is quite low among the approximately 2000 game developers who took part.

The survey, which is conducted before each GDC (Game Developers Conference), confirms that the majority of developers aren't particularly keen on developing for Nintendo's gaming platforms. Only 5% show interest in the Wii U, and 3DS an even lower 2%, numbers that are actually down from last year.

PC led the poll with over half of all developers (52%, down from 56%) showing enthusiasm, and Mobile not far behind with a slightly less than half of the developers (44%, down from 50%). 

Xbox One (23%, up from 22%)  and PlayStation 4 (27%, up from 26%) show slight increases over last year survey. 

The real star of the show is Virtual Reality, which saw an enormous jump in interest moving from 7% up to 16%, indicating a rising interest in the new technology. 75% of developers polled also believe that VR is a "sustainable business to be in."

Even more impressive is the belief in the popularity of eSports. Among those polled, 88% see eSports to be a "fast-growing" segment of the industry. The involvement of big companies such as Electronic Arts and Activision, and the sports network ESPN probably factor heavily into their opinions.

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Published Jan. 20th 2016

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