Ubisoft Plans a Big Canadian Investment

Ubisoft is making a huge investment in their Quebec headquarters.

Canada has some good news coming out of Ubisoft headquarters. The development company, Ubisoft, is making plans to increase use of its offices in Quebec. The plan is set to be rolled out over the next seven years to the tune of $373 million dollars.

What will this mean? Jobs for one. They estimate that the plan will have approximately 500 new jobs in Quebec. New jobs in the industry, and in this economy, is always good news. These jobs will not be immediately available, but will grow over the seven-year investment period.

Ubisoft is wanting to focus this investment specifically in their motion capture technologies. Their end result will not only be an employee size of over 3,500 in Montreal and Quebec City combined, but also to consolidate the infrastructure and operations in Montreal.

Ubisoft Entertainment is a French global company with its largest headquarters being in Montreal, Canada. They are well-known for such titles such as Resident Evil 4, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and Just Dance 2014.

Published Sep. 30th 2013

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