The Zaishen Secret Agent

Unknown sources say these newly surfaced photos show the little known secret agents of The Zaishen Order. The agent pictured is rumored to operate under the nickname "Echo Mir".

With the loss of the Battle Isles and the lack of contact with Cantha; The Zaishen Order has changed. The order was restructured in the Far Shiverpeaks, and the influence of this illustrious order is now now felt stronger than ever, all across Tyria.

The purpose of these secret agents of The Zaishen Order remains unknown.


The outfit:

Armorclass: HEAVY

  • Braham's Chestplate (gemstore)
  • Protector's Gauntlets (Human cultural T3)
  • Aetherblade Heavy Legplates (gemstore)
  • Aetherblade Heavy Warboots (gemstore)

Dyes used: "Iron" & "Blue Shade" for the armor, "Stone" for the fur.



Published Aug. 13th 2013

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