Skullgirls Fourth DLC Character Final Round Begins

Check your e-mails and send in your last vote for Skullgirls!

The final round of voting for the fourth DLC character to be added into Skullgirls began earlier tonight. If you haven't checked your e-mail for the voting link, make sure to do so. You will be ranking the remaining ten characters.

The remaining ten candidates for Skullgirls are: Stanley, Beowulf, Feng, Panzerfaust, Isaac, Minette, Venus, B. Dahlia, Annie, and Aeon. If you rooted for any of those characters, you are set. If not, you have my condolences. I weep for the casualties of the great Character War of 2013.

It is hard to believe that the ride is almost over. I am sure that the folks at Lab Zero Games are ready to get this over with and finish working on all the new characters, stages, etc.

Even though the voting is almost over, make sure to check your e-mail for updates on the goods you will receive for contributing to the Skullgirls campaign! Stay tuned to find out who the winner is.

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Published May. 13th 2013

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