Elder Scrolls Online v1.0.1 To Go Live After Extended Maintenance

After an extended maintenance window, players can download the v1.0.1 patch covering a lot of fixes.

Maintenance for the North American megaserver on Elder Scroll Online is normally scheduled for 8 AM Eastern time, but due to issues with characters having inaccurate inventory than what they had received in-game led developers to take servers down at 1 AM Eastern time, seven hours earlier than scheduled. This maintenance period has lasted over 10 hours but developers have released the patch notes for version 1.0.1 being released when the megaserver reopens

Fixes to Quest Progression

Lots of complaints have found their way onto ESO's Facebook page on the broken quests. Some of these quests now work in the v1.0.1 patch.

Crow's Wood

Those who have had problems getting into Crow's Wood will be happy. The chest that holds the portal to Crow's Wood works as designed and the dungeon can now be accessed. The Dark Anchors will no longer keep monsters from spawning. Rulantaril's Construct will no longer respawn immediately after defeat.

Bloodthorn Assassins

Tired of having to camp one crate just to have the wrong assassin show up? Developers fixed this in v1.0.1. Crate respawns have increased as well as the percentage of the right assassin showing up to progress the quest.

Balreth Quests in Stonefalls

The quest lines leading up to the containing of Balreth work now. The problems where players were having trouble containing Balreth's spirit are no longer an issue. Ragebinder and Blaze in the Restoring Guardians quest line had issues being summoned. This is now fixed as well.

Several other quests have also been repaired in various zones throughout Tamriel.

Game Mechanic Fixes

The v1.0.1 patch has a lot of fixes for the game client, including a big fix for Mac users.
 Mac users can now find that NPCs will not multiply when the camera angle changes. Other fixes include:

  • No longer dismounting when jumping objects
  • Fishing will not crash the game
  • Can now zoom into character's face during creation
  • Game will warn users that characters deleted will lose all items, including pre-order perks (English version to come, but German and French version is available)

V1.0.1 also introduces a better intro video. They say it is a higher quality video and they have added an option to replay the intro video when you want.

For complete details on the v1.0.1 patch for Elder Scrolls Online, see their patch notes on the ESO forums.

Published Apr. 2nd 2014

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