Creators of Worms pick up indie horror game Allison Road

Allison Road no longer needs crowdfunding and has real studio backing.

Allison Road, the game some are calling the spiritual successor to the P.T. demo has recently cancelled their Kickstarter campaign.

It's not often that cancelling a Kickstarter is good news, most of the time it means funding issues or internal arguments and disagreements.

That's why it's a relief to hear Allison Roads developer Lilith Ltd has been picked up by Team17, and no longer needs crowd funding thanks to Team17's indie label program.

Team17 are the developers known for the Worms franchise, and more recently they published Beyond Eyes and The Escapists series.

Yes, that Worms.

"Working with Team17 will give us the chance to make our game unhindered creatively, but at the same time give us the resources, support, and experience that only a 25-year-old studio can give," the developer said.

When the newly founded studio began work on Allison Road, they weren't expecting all the attention.

"We've been completely overwhelmed by your encouragement and huge interest in Allison Road," said the developer.

"We'd love to thank each and every one of you for all of the amazing support you have given us during our Kickstarter campaign and beyond."

Due to Kickstarters policy, the supporters of Allison Road wont be charged any money they donated (only successful Kickstarters charge supporters), but the developer is still looking for new ways to keep the community involved.


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Published Jun. 16th 2020
  • tobes325
    Glad to hear this got picked up! I always hoped it would win its kickstarter campaign but now I needn't worry! :D
  • Robert Sgotto
    I'm glad too! P.T. was really cool but it broke my heart when it got canned. I've been keeping my fingers crossed for Allison Road!

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