EverQuest Next Landmark Alpha Possibly Starting Late January

The EQNL alpha may not be set for February after all!

Would you say you are 1, 2, 5, or 50 exciteds for EverQuest Next? Be not afraid to answer, for there is no incorrect way to answer this question.

It seems EverQuest Next Landmark, the sandbox counterpart to go with EverQuest Next itself may be seeing its alpha launch just next month.

John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment, commented on the game's upcoming alpha on his Twitter, leaving little wiggle room for guesses:

This is great news for those who purchased Founder's Packs for the game to get their way into alpha, as the previous estimated date was February 28th. A late January alpha launch means we may be seeing the game more than a month earlier than initially anticipated. Excitement!

EverQuest Next Landmark is meant to be the companion to EverQuest Next, in which players can build using the game's voxel-based engine and potentially have their creations transported into EQN after the testing phases. Be sure to read more about it on the official site.

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Published Dec. 22nd 2013
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    I like the idea of Landmark and I know lot's of people are going to be into it but I care more about the actual Next game itself. =p

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