7 Moments We Need to See in the First Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episode

Man With The "2" Tattoo

Ignore the well-known grammar typo. This scene absolutely must be in FF7 R and not just thanks to Aerith’s infamous grammar error. Finding the guy in the tunnel is a clever bit of foreshadowing that makes no sense whatsoever until later in the game. After that, it’s one of those moments you see again in a new playthrough that gives you the shivers, when you realize that is why he exists in all his misery.

It’s plain from the dialogue that Aerith saw the man being dragged into the tunnel when he was first discovered. A little flashback showing this happening, maybe even showing Aerith involved in helping him out, would increase the poignancy of this moment. Shoot, why not go further? Let’s hope for some kind of quest that makes you confront his “illness” even more and hint at why it matters. 

Published Dec. 18th 2019

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