7 Moments We Need to See in the First Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episode

The Honeybee Inn

We actually know the Honeybee Inn will make an appearance in FF7 R, but in different form. The development team said including it in its original form would be create too much physical uneasy. It’s not hard to see why for a variety of reasons (it’s a Shinra-endorsed brothel, if you’ve never played before).

The “bees” alternate between their work personas and real thoughts, speculating whether Cloud is a violent customer or a pervert. Tifa gets examined by pimp Don Corneo to see if she’s a worthy new girl, and random passersby size up Aerith, telling Cloud he should sell his “heifer” to Don Corneo.

Honestly, all this should stay in. It fits perfectly with Midgar as seedy urban hellhole and still functions as a biting commentary on contemporary social issues.

More problematic, though, would be some of the patrons in the Inn. Yeah, I’m talking about Mukki, whose representation was questionable to begin with, to say nothing of the many implications behind his...reviving...Cloud.

Will we get squishy time with Bubby? Can Cloud finally be a panty-sniffing pervert after all? Only time will tell.

Published Dec. 18th 2019

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