7 Moments We Need to See in the First Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episode

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Don Corneo's Mansion: The Bedroom Scene

Obviously, Don Corneo’s mansion will be in FF7 R, but there’s one particular scene that really needs to make the cut: the bedroom scene. No, not for naughty reasons.  For one thing, the exposition in the original is a bit garbled. The gist is there; ShinRa’s getting rid of Sector 7 and Avalanche. But more talk and really hammering home what dropping the plate means wouldn’t be amiss.

Plus it’s a good opportunity to emphasize what Cloud and friends are up against. Yeah, the “aha! I have a trap door” thing is an awful plot twist, but it does show Shinra and its associates are always one step ahead of Cloud and friends.

There’s another great scene here, but it depends on how the cross-dressing is handled — whether that inscrutable makeup test is still there or if Aerith or Tifa is automatically designated the chosen one by the Don.

My first playthrough had Aerith go in with him. Witnessing Don Corneo’s weird little poik-y poik-y, thrusty thrusty scene before he tries to assault Aerith, then later having her lean forward and demand he tell them what he knows “Or I’ll tear them off” — it really doesn’t get much better than that.


That's our roundup of scenes we want to see in the first chapter of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. What are some favorite parts from Midgar you hope make the final cut? Let us know in the comments!

Published Dec. 18th 2019

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