Transistor Available for Preorder Today--Let's Celebrate With Pretty Pictures!

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Transistor from Supergiant Games is now available for preorder on Steam and on PS4. Fans can also preorder the soundtrack with the title for $30, or separately for $10.

Personally, I loved Bastion and after seeing Transistor in action at PAX East, I'll be preordering this later today.

But for now, let's celebrate with some pretty pictures! All images are from Supergiant Games's website.

In-game screenshot.

Another beautiful screenshot.

The print I bought at PAX East.


Transistor OST cover.

Published May. 6th 2014

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  • Anthony Schultz
    I am incredibly stoked for this game! I didn't get a chance to play "Bastion" (however I did just download it recently for my Mac), regardless this look right up my alley. After beating "Child of Light" I feel like I've been in a lull, so hopefully "Transistor" will wet my appetite again.
  • WesleyG
    I got to play this at PAX Prime last year and even did a write-up of it back on Geeky Universe. I loved Bastion and Transistor looks to be just as good if not better. I can't play it fast enough.

    Fun fact: Slide 3 is my current desktop background.
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    I'm really looking forward to the OST above all else, is going to sound amazing. That said, I keep hearing this in my head for Slide #2 - Weaponized Snow Forts? We can't handle that kind of technology!

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