Arma Tactics Making Way to PC October 1st

Bohemia Interactive is biting the bullet and bringing Arma Tactics to fans on the PC.

Arma Tactics has been available on mobile platforms since May of this year, but the game is making its way to the series core audience early next month with a PC release via Steam.

As expected from the title, Arma Tactics is a turn-based close-combat strategy game meant to work your brain more than your reflexes. Aside from the expected multiplayer mode, the game also features a full single-player campaign for those less competitively inclined.

The PC release will hit Steam for a cool $8.99 on October 1st, but those who choose to pre-purchase will be able to buy the game for $7.64.

This is an interesting platform switcheroo by developer Bohemia Interactive because the Arma series sans Tactics is entirely on PC. This will be the first mobile-to-PC conversion for the franchise. With the amount of effort put into detail as seen on the game's official site, it's only natural for Arma Tactics to find its way home after the game's brief mobile-only period.

Published Sep. 17th 2013

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