[GW2 Fashion] Striking Mists Warrior - Coral

Coral might seem like an easy target in a fight, just make sure it is the right one!

A destructive force not be taken lightlyCoral will make quick work of foes who dare take their eyes off of her. Just try and keep up with her images and watch out for her manta of distraction, it will leave you with very few options if you're caught off guard.On occasion, Coral can be spotted leading the Tarnished Coast militia against the various invaders in the mists. She recklessly forgoes armor in favor of powerful phantasms and mind games as her only substantial armor. Arrogance and fearlessness is her undoing, but that's a sword that can cut both ways. Coral delights in finding out which side of the blade you're on...~Pictured in Ascalon Settlement in Gendarren Fields~ "Let's fight! I am not scared of Invaders!" "Glass cannon thief? Oh god, I've made a huge mistake." "That Asura is cute..." "What is over here...""Oh it is the 'Look Like Coral' Guide!"Thanks for looking at my entry!~Cora~


Published Aug. 12th 2013
  • chiuna
    Good work on dying a mixed set to make a cohesive look! I think the light dredge top is a really great piece that deserves a bit more use and I like what you've done with it here. I'm not quite loving the choice of gloves (have you considered vigil?) and the weapons don't really seem to fit the theme, but they are nice weapons so I can understand showing them off anyway. The location chosen for screenshots was pretty and had nice lighting.
  • Cora_9982
    I will have to check out those vigil gloves! Thank you for the critique! :)
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Love it!
  • Kishimò
    I love Coral's unique look and intense personality and fighting spirit. Some of those armor dye names you use are too perfect ;]

    Her expression for "Glass cannon thief? Oh god, I've made a huge mistake." I have been there soo many times.
  • kitten konekochan
    Looking awesome Coral. KILL ALL THE THINGS (with your fashion of course ^_^)
  • Winglessfox
    This is awesome! You did a great job Coral. :3

    - Ranger Cuddles
  • ENG I V
    I love the mixed Armour you have on your character "Coral".
    But it's my opinion I would try to use other dyes but it's totally my opinion!
    I loved when you added those quotes under your picture which is very neat to do!
    Lastly I love the story you added for that character makes her brave, noble and not afraid of a challenge I fine that very interesting in character! Keep up the good commanding in the Borderlands!
  • Cora_9982
    Mixed armor is very hard to dye, so my options were pretty limited. But I love my dye it looks soft on some very rough looking armor. :)

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