Battlefield 4: Obliteration Gamemode Revealed!

EA and DICE have revealed the newest gamemode, Obliteration, for Battlefield 4 earlier today at Gamescom. Spoiler: The video is a little bit out of sync...

Gamescom 2013 is only in its third day but has already allowed game companies to create hype for their new products. Today, EA and DICE have unveiled the newest game mode available for Battlefield 4. Like yesterday, DICE had all their Alienware computers up and running so that players could get their first look at the new game mode. And from the video above, this new game mode looks to be a hybrid of Rush mixed in with the full-scale combat in the Conquest game mode.

The New Game Mode

"Obliteration" is a game mode where two teams will fight to destroy the other team's targets while defending their own targets. This sounds similar to Battlefield's Rush game mode, but it would not be much fun unless there was a small twist, right?

RIGHT! Obliteration is set so that only one bomb will spawn on the map at any one time, so both teams will be fighting to acquire the bomb as soon as it spawns. The fun part is what happens once a player picks up the bomb, because that person now has a marker placed on them, and everyone can now see where that player is on the map. I am usually not a fan of these markers myself because I prefer to not have a bull's-eye on me whilst running around, but I understand the necessity for it.

Were the bomb carrier to have no marker then the other team would have no clue which enemy player is actually carrying the bomb. This would be good for the attacking team, but the defending team would struggle to know which person they need to focus their attention on. Obliteration could also be compared to "Assault" from the Halo series as the two game modes are very similar in their settings.

Obliteration looks like it'll help diversify the game types of the Battlefield franchise as they only have a few game modes in comparison to other first-person shooters. Hopefully DICE will release more information about Obliteration or maybe even include it within the October beta, so that players can get an idea of how the game mode will work and which strategies to use.

Published Aug. 22nd 2013
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    I gotta say I don't personally like the marker idea. I wouldn't be the person to go grab it, because I'd feel way too targeted. Other than that, fantastic!

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