PlayStation 4 Error Code CE-34878-0

Oh the error codes, make them stop!

Whilst playing Wolfenstein: The New Order at the office today, we got the error code CE-34878-0. Yes... We are playing at work, SORRY!

The PS4 immediately gives you these bits of info to help you fix the issue.

  • Update the application by signing in to PSN and then starting the application
  • Update the system software by selecting [Settings]>[System Software Update]

We gave update the system software by selecting [Settings]>[System Software Update] a try, with no luck. The system just told us that it was already up to date.

Trying the first option, update the application by signing in to PSN and then starting the application, seemed to do the trick. What they failed to do was explain this as simply as it really it. It literally just means restart the game.

I believe that this error will occur with all different games. It just so happened that we were playing The New Order when it occurred. Let us know in the comments what you've experienced and the fix you found that worked for you!

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Platforms Playstation 4
Published Sep. 22nd 2014
  • Anders Bore
    Bought Watch_Dogs a week ago and can't even launch the game before I get the error code. I had Killzone installed and it worked fine, but once I installed Watch_Dogs I got the same error code when starting up Killzone. Tried everything.....
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    So you are unable to play anything at all?! Sony has got to do something sooner or later. I've yet to hear of any bug similar to this on the Xbox One so far...
  • Rossie_2774
    This shithole error started on ps4 a week ago and seems to be getting worse every time I turn it on. It won't even let me get onto multiplayer on cod ghost now. Just freezes. NEEDS sorting out cause its really not good and im paying to play on the psn. Don't make sense
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I saw a few more step to take here

    Maybe give some of those a shot and see if it helps. Let us know if any of them do.
  • Lest_5014
    this bulls*** error doesnt even let me play my game for a few seconds, When the hell are they gonna fix this damn error
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    That is a good question, as far as I can tell it's been happening since day one and continues to happen with basically all games.
  • WhiteWolfDK
    Happened to me, during chapter 6 after a checkpoint the game suddenly reverted to the main menu, tried to reload the save and it keeps going back to the main menu, if I try to do chapter selcet and choose chapter 6, it just comes with the above errorcode, system is fully updated, atm I'm reinstalling the game, will try to let the enitire application install before I try again, I have been playing WatchDog between Wolfensteingames, so the game has been restarted several times.

    Just tried to start the game without any patches - same problem


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