New mod for Resident Evil Remastered lets you use the original PS1 character models

Get ready to play Resident evil Remastered with the original PS1 character models

Have you ever sat down and played Resident Evil Remastered and thought to yourself, "this game would be really fun, but if only it looked like the original PlayStation 1 version."

You are in luck then, because a modder by the name of ZombieAli has decided to make a mod that will change the character models to their original PlayStation1 models. At the moment, the main cast, the tyrant, and the first zombie have been made for the mod.

ZombieAli's mod is not yet publically available, but he has announced he is working to bring in more characters and enemies soon.

Oddly enough, this is not the first time someone decided to bring back an aspect of the original game to the remaster. Another modder by the name of Bunny made it possible to replace all the dialogue in Resident Evil Remaster with the original dialogue from the PlayStation 1.

So, what do you think? Is this going to be a good mod or should people just play the original Resident Evil if they want to experience the blocky visuals and horrible voice acting? 


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Published Nov. 24th 2015

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