Get Ready To Slay Some Slimes with Dragon Heroes II Next Year

The sequel to Dragon Quest Heroes is set to release Spring of 2017 and we have online multiplayer!

Today, Square Enix officially announced Dragon Quest Heroes II. The action RPG will be released for the PlayStation 4 April 25, 2017.

The sequel to Dragon Quest Heroes will feature a brand new story. The narrative stars two cousins who are knights charged with saving the world. Along the way, players will be joined by both heroes (such as Dragon Quest VI's Terry) and heroines (such as Dragon Quest VIII's Jessica) from past entries the franchise.

The sequel will feature new multiplayer options for players as well -- like the ability to create parties of 4 to combat armies of monsters and larger foes online.

The JRPG series has featured turn-based battles since its debut in 1985. Dragon Quest Heroes developed by Omega Force; a division of Koei Temco, is an expansion on the series' brand. It was created as an action title where players could experience the world from a different perspective. The first Dragon Quest Heroes was received well by both critics and fans alike.

Fans of action RPGs can look forward to Dragon Quest Heroes II next year.


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Published Dec. 8th 2016

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