Xbox One Comes with Six Months of Free Skype Video Calls

Get six months of Skype video group calls for free with purchase of the Xbox One and Xbox Live Gold Membership.

Xbox Live Gold Members will be receiving six months of free Skype video calls with their Xbox One. 

Skype group video calls would normally cost about $5 a month. 

This service, available for only six months at the free rate, will also allow Xbox Live Gold Members the ability to place 100 worldwide minutes per month for calls to mobile and landlines in over 50 countries. This promotion is available only in the 13 launch territories, and must be redeemed by March 31, 2014. 

Skype functionality has been touted at a couple of Xbox events, and there are some great features with the application. Skype utilizes the highly promoted Kinect and its wide angle lens and auto zoom functionality, meaning the camera will track your movements and focus on you as long as you are in the field of view. 

Another one of the features of the Xbox One is that you can use multiple apps simultaneously, so you will be able to have Skype video calls while watching Netflix or checking your Xbox music library. Skype calls will be in 1080p, and HD as long as the displays both support that. 

Would you utilize this feature?

Published Nov. 8th 2013

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