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Elder Scrolls Online is coming, fast.  There are still a lot of questions out there, and we aim to clear it all up for you!  We are bringing together a round table of "Elder Scrolls Allstars".  Your knights of this round table will be; myself, Mark Taylor (Lord Hammer) from Guild Umbra, Josh and Kyle from ShoddyCast, Andrew (Atropos) from Tamriel Foundry, Evarwyn and Joe "The Widget" from Elder Scrolls Off the Record, and finally our "expert" Jesse Cox.

Comment below your questions and maybe we can get to them!  We do plan to make this a series leading up the release and maybe even after, so if we don't get to your questions this episode we'll get to them next time!

Our first episode is set to start at 7pm EST on Friday May 3rd and we will be live streaming from GuildUmbra's Twitch channel and then each of us will post it on our respective pages, here at Gameskinny, on Shoddycast and Jesse's youtube channel, Tamriel Foundry's and Elder Scrolls Off the Record's pages and finally on the official ESO website through their series The Tamriel Chronicle.


Episode One can be found here!
Episode Two can be found here!
Published Apr. 30th 2013
  • HellcatM
    I want a friend system where you can quest with friends, but I don't want a group system. If you played Defiance, they don't have a group system. you don't have people asking "group please", I HATE that. In Defiance you go to do a quest and if other people are doing that quest you're automatically grouped. I find it more fluid and realistic. If someone starts a fight with you on the street you're not going to have someone come up to you and say "group please" so they can help you. They will just be there and join in. In Defiance if I passed someone doing a quest and they looked like they were having issues I might stop and help. You don't have to worry about who's getting the XP or who is getting the item they're trying to get. If ESO can do this, I'll be happy. That and fun quest and not just kill 10 spiders.

    Another thing I like about the Elder Scroll series is that the NPC's roamed around, they didn't just stay in once place. Also don't have the monsters sticking around one area all the time, let them roam a little.

    Questing should also be able to be made by the player, like Neverwinter. They can even charge to be able to buy items to put in your quest I'm not saying per object, if you want to use a specific tree you buy that tree and you can use as many as you want. Maybe even let people make items and sell them online? Thats if they want to make it free to play. If they're making it pay to play then do everything I said but make it free to make levels and items. In my head it seems like it could work but in reality maybe it wouldn't, just an idea.
  • eothian1
    Question: Going to a differnet map to NOT pvp disappointed me, this is really going to be like this? This is not going to be Hardcore at all, invading is great
  • eothian1
    Question: Going to a differnet map to NOT pvp disappointed me, this is really going to be like this? This is not going to be Hardcore at all, invading is great
  • eothian1
    "When playing through the other Alliances’ content at max level, will this experience be separated according to your original Alliance or will you be able to group with friends on the opposing faction?

    When you are playing through “other Alliance” max-level content, you’ll be playing with characters like you: from your Alliance, who are all max-level. Every player you see will have come originally from your Alliance.

    If you cannot play with the Alliance whose lands you are adventuring through, will this mean PvP in those zones or will the opposition faction players be out of phase?

    No, you won’t see enemy players in any PvE area"

    This sucks
  • Followthategg
    Through the recent installments of the TES franchise we have seen a lot of user generated content from the PC community, from cloaks and basic need mods (eating and drinking) to depth-of-view and new tombs and dungeons. If you could add in one of them into TESO what would it be and why?
  • shawn.zylla
    if there has been an answer to i missed it, but as i understand we can block with a sword or shield, but i would like to know if we can dual wield swords, and if so do we still retain the blocking ability?
  • J3NN3RS
    I <3 ShoddyCast!

    As an avid roleplayer I wonder, will there be a plethora of emotes and a walk function?
  • Anun
    i have heard that this game will use a Multi Guild System, by which players are allowed to join multiple guilds. after hearing feedback on other games that have used this system (GW2 for example) the results are as i expected. this leads to guild hopping and a complete lack of loyalty and community to guilds. can you confirm if this Multi Guild System is true? if so discuss amongst yourselves how this will effect the game so that thr powers that be at Zenimax might hear.

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