Create your own video game with Emojis using Emotica Oline

Create your own world made entirely of emojis with Emotica Online.

The time is finally here when emojis can form an entire game. Emotica Online is an editable video game where you can create intricate worlds made with your everyday emojis. 

Emotica Online: Simply Creative

This awesome video game was created by Anna Anthropy, co-designed by Leon Arnott, with audio by Liz Ryerson. Nowadays people can order pizza and even have full conversations with the implementation of emojis, and now with Emotica Online, you can even have your own video game with them.

The inspiring Emotica Online game lets you control and edit emojis that are considered to be in-game objects, which also can interact with the in-game A.I.. Being made of emojis, Emotica Online looks very simple, but includes many customization options. Users can customize their emoji by selecting an emoji on the right and then dragging it to the left after you tweak the action that it does.

Emotica Online has expanded from its original release on Windows, and is now available on Mac and Linux. Although you can download the game, it's also playable in browser mode. 

Check out Emotica Online's personal web-page for more information and to start customizing!

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Published Jun. 29th 2015

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