5 Essential Tips for Kicking Ass in Nonstop Chuck Norris on iOS and Android

Five essential tips to keep your adventure going nonstop in Nonstop Chuck Norris!

Today, I'll be breaking down five essential tips for your adventures to keep going strong in Nonstop Chuck Norris which is available now for iOS and Android! We'll cover a ton of things from playing like a pro and doing absolutely nothing at all, to when and how to use your delicious Chuck Norris H2O in the form of CFORCE Water, and how to increase your potential gold coin earnings early on.

#1 - Sit Back, Relax, Go Idle, And Let Chuck Do His Thing

This game is an “idle-action RPG” -- basically meaning it plays itself. The only time you'll ever have to actually do anything is when you're managing inventory, using or upgrading skills, activating a boss fight, or purchasing something from the in-game store. Chuck will automatically move between enemies and fight without any prompts or controls. (Exciting!)

This game borrows heavily from 2016's Nonstop Knight, which shouldn't surprise anyone because it's from the same developer. You can quite literally set your device down or go into sleep mode, the game will keep playing and Chuck will do his thing. Believe it or not, this is something you'll want to take full advantage of. The game has in-game objectives otherwise known as “missions” -- which range in variety from things such as do X attack on X amount of enemies or defeat X amount of bosses. Once you've completed these and earned your loot, you won't be able to do them again for an extended period of time.

The best way to play this game once you've ran out of missions to do is simply not play and only check in momentarily to manage your gold coins, do some inventory management, and initiate boss fights or open a rift.

 #2 - Keep Your Upgrades Even, Sell Unneeded Gear

While on your non-stop adventure with Chuck, you'll earn plenty of gold coins, find plenty of different items and loot to equip and upgrade. You'll notice when a boss fight is ready to be initiated, and it'll tell you the difficulty of the boss, ranging from easy to impossible.

In order to make these boss fights easier, my best advice is to keep upgrading your gear evenly. Don't focus on one thing as your weapons, outfits, and hats are all equally important for your defense and fighting ability. Any items you find yourself not using or already have, be sure to sell for extra gold coins so you can continue upgrading what you already have.

#3 - When To Use Your CFORCE Water

You can activate “SUPER CHUCK NORRIS” by drinking a bottle of CFORCE Water (Chuck's own brand of bottled water!) But, you'll wanna only use this sparingly as they're extremely rare (Unless you buy them from the in-game store). More specifically you'll want to use them when you encounter a super tough boss fight to initiate.

Drinking a bottle of CFORCE Water basically allows Chuck to deliver tons of extra damage and increases his speed immensely for a short period of time. This allows you to earn a ton of gold very quickly, so you'll be able to upgrade your gear a great deal as well, thus making the boss fight more simple.

If you encounter a super tough boss fight, don't initiate it just yet. Instead, have Chuck chug a bottle of CFORCE Water and wait for the effect to end while he fights away and earn tons of gold to upgrade your gear. This should make the boss fight easier once you decide to engage it.

#4 - Spend Everything

Any time you build a giant stack of gold, find a bottle of CFORCE Water, or find a cool new weapon to use, spend and use all of it! This game features a system known as opening rifts--think of it as prestige in Call of Duty as a similar example.

Every now and then, Chuck will have to open up a rift to another dimension to chase after the boss (because he's Chuck Norris, of course he can.) However, if you choose to do this you'll lose all your gear and gold coins. You do keep your level and different skills, so you'll still keep getting stronger each time you open up a rift. This is why you'll constantly want to spend and use everything you find in each dimension. Chances are you won't have it for long anyways.

#5 - Gold Coin Management Is Key

Keep in mind you can choose when you want to open that rift to the next dimension before losing everything. So my advice is to keep going and progressing stages until you hit a point where the rate of gold you're earning simply isn't keeping up with the gear you need to upgrade.

You can also earn more gold from watching in-game advertisements or unlocking specific skills -- the earliest of which is called “Gold Thunder.”  Despite the lack in power compared to later moves within the same skill tree, the amount of gold you'll earn for potentially upgrading your gear makes it more useful.

Bonus Tip

Close your eyes to avoid Chuck Norris jokes during loading screens, re-open them once you've heard the level music begin playing!


Do you have any Chuck Norris approved tactics, tips, or jokes? Let us know in the comments down below and for everything mobile gaming related, stay tuned to GameSkinny.

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Published Jun. 6th 2017

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