Pixel Poetry IndieGoGo: Games as Art Documentary Begins Funding

Creative and compelling film begins funding 3 weeks after first trailer reveal.

Just three weeks ago, Richard Cook revealed the trailer to his new documentary; "Pixel Poetry: The Case for Videogames as Art", in hopes of continuing an argument that has held strong since gaming began.

Now the film is funding through its IndieGoGo campaign and offering up a lot of reveals and content for backers. Prominently featured on the page are many notable personalities from the world of gaming, including former G4 host Adam Sessler, thatgamecompany's Kellee Santiago, and Gearbox's own voice of Clap Trap, David Eddings. It even will feature Gameskinny's Amy White, and all be in the film upon its release mid summer next year.

Along with the big industry support the film is receiving, backers can also look forward to receiving several different rewards like signed posters, DVDs, caricatures, and themselves in the films bonus material. There are even original paintings for the largest contributors, some of which look very interesting and political in their subject matter.

The film will need to raise its $10,000 goal to get the crew to the interviewees and get the film out on time. Those with a little spare cash left over from Christmas shopping may want to check out some of the things the campaign has to offer.

The funding efforts will end on January 25th next year, so there is plenty of time to tell your friends who still argue with you about games and art, and send them to this website for a reality check.

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Published Dec. 16th 2013

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