Forged Honor (Kovin Jagannath)

Wear this armor! It's immune to T-Rex damage!

Kovin has killed many Sons of Svanir, Corrupted Dredge and Inquest to get the materials to forge his armor. He was born a human but has always longed for the life of a norn, or dwarf. (Sadly the dwarves are all but extinct.) His favorite kind of ale is Friesson's Ale. It tastes great while he is riffing it in the shiverpeaks. Plus he knows a guy that gets it for him on the cheap. 

His favorite areas of Tyria (the continent not the planet) are the cold mountain regions of Frostgorge Sound and Lornar's Pass. He greatly wishes to adventure into the Far Shiverpeaks to seek glory and loot for killing the Elder Dragon, Jormag. His chest piece keeps him warm while he trains climbing mountains and defeating Svanir's minions.

He also tests his survivability in the cold areas every once in a while since he feels his skills weaken over time in the easy child-like lands of the magumma jungle and good old ascalon.

He is well versed in all norn, dwarven, seer, and mursaat lore and seeks anything related to these topics.  

He constantly seeks out greater challenges and wishes to confront them chestplate first with mace in one hand and shield in the other. He is largely a solo player but joins groups who are not easily defeated and value his loyalty and strength. Kovin is having a great time in the Queen's Pavilion currently as you can see from the photo. In fact, he is having such a good time that he feels he might not need to return to his training in Frostgorge for a long time.

  • This set is a combination of the Honor of the Waves and Sorrow's Embrace skins displayed on a human guardian.
  • Whatever helm. Kovin has his hidden in the screenshot.
  • Dredge Breastplate from SE.
  • Fused Gauntlets from Flame and Frost.
  • Fur, Paws, and Arms of Koda from HotW.

Midnight sky for the dark blue, icing for the white, sincerity for a light blue touch here and there and antique gold for the back leather on the paws.

It's a good look for next to free. just takes a lot of time.


Published Aug. 14th 2013

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