Wii U Exclusive Bayonetta 2 Still Scheduled For 2014 Release, Says Nintendo

Despite grim recent financial results, Nintendo defy its economic troubles and announce business as usual

It's been a rough couple of years for Nintendo. The year just gone left profits down by $15 million, and profits are expected to decrease into the third quarter of this year; which will be its third year running for declining profits.

Regardless, the company is not planning to hold back on anticipated releases. In fact, that would probably be the last thing that they'd want to do. In their financial results briefing for 2014,  Bayonetta 2 has been confirmed on schedule, and due for release by the end of this year.

Atsushi Inaba of Platinum, the game's producer, lauded praise over the company.

"You have a certain image of a company, and in the case of Nintendo, we've found it's been really nice to actually work with them and find out what that's like."

So fingers crossed, we may see a sequel finally come to light. Mind you, given that its a Wii U exclusive, how many people will eventually play it?


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Published May. 8th 2014

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