Half-Life 3 Rumor Mill A-Churnin', Confirmed Through Interpretive Twitter Dance

If David Goldfarb's interpretive dances are a sign of things to come, then Half-Life 3 is so totally on.

Despite last month's layoffs at Valve, it appears that Half-Life 3 is still very much on the table in their Bellevue, Washington headquarters. (Either that, or the lead designer of Battlefield 3, David Goldfarb, has been bound by strange, confusing, and totally unsurprising NDA agreements with Valve.)

Yesterday, a very compelling conversation between Godfarb and Notch, internet-lurker and Minecraft creator, scrolled its way across my Twitter feed:

At the most, we can assume this (totally binding playground logic) to mean that Valve is expected to tease the universe with Half-Life 3 in the very near future. At the least, this indicates some sort of news-worthy announcement from Valve, like Team Fortress 3 or the next Portal game. Either way, you should definitely be paying attention to the tonight's Game Developers Conference in San Diego.

In the meantime, Dave Oshry tweets that his meetings with Valve at GDC were "single handedly worth the trip out [there]." He then tweeted that "later today I will make an official statement about what I saw yesterday with Valve at GDC."


So hold on to your hats, kids. GDC is about to turn into Valve-land. What are you most excited to hear about? What do you realistically think Valve is about to tease? 

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Published Mar. 29th 2013

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