10 Licensed games that are actually good!

South Park: Stick of Truth

Although Stick of Truth went through development hell, developer Obsidian and publisher Ubisoft managed to create an excellent title. With the assistance of show creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Stick of Truth captured the show's style and humor perfectly. 

The throwback turn-based RPG battle system was fun and made for some great in-game jokes. Although the gameplay might not have been deep, the game was thoroughly enjoyable even for those just watching from the sofa. 

As a long time fan of South Park, Stick of Truth was definitely worth the wait. This was my personal Game of the Year for 2014. Of course, I'm anxiously awaiting the sequel, Fractured But Whole, releasing (hopefully) in 2016.

Image source: Screen Invasion

Published Sep. 23rd 2015

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