Red Planet Rex - A Voice Controlled Mobile Adventure Game

Experience 70+ levels of puzzles, riddles, & alien encounters with this voice controlled text adventure!

You are a lone astronaut on a top-secret mission to Mars. You crash-land on the desolate red planet. It’s a miracle you have survived. Your mission was to survey the area and learn the truth about life on Mars. But now with your ship in ruins, a very important objective has been added to your mission: survival.

To progress in the game you must brave the unknown, explore whatever is beyond a mysterious door, and find some other way off the planet. But don't worry, you won't be alone...

Inspired by old school PC interactive fiction games, Red Planet Rex will bring the classic text-based adventure to mobile gaming. Using either voice or text control, you can explore 70+ areas of puzzles, riddles, and alien encounters.

The way it works: your phone tells you a piece of the story, and then you respond to it by voice or text. Depending on what you say, different outcomes occur. You have to use your wits, your humor, as well as your observational and problem solving skills to progress through the story.

By having both audio and text play modes means that the game is accessible to those with visual and audio impairment. Anyone can dive right in and play!


We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to finish the game and hopefully port it over to the PC.

STEAM, AHOY! (We rrrreeeeaaally want to bring it to the PC.)

Not mention that we have some hecka legit tech inside that is patent pending.

Needless to say, we are pumped!


Check us out on Kickstarter:
Red Planet Rex - a voice controlled mobile adventure game

We are all readily available for any questions or comments or general "what’s ups" from our fellow gamers & IndyDevs!
Twitter: @redplanetrex


Published Nov. 4th 2013
  • Poetic Stanziel
    Featured Contributor
    I hope this article is not promoted. It's simply an advertisement for a Kickstarter. Which is not an article at all.

    I clicked this thinking it was a game I could play now. Rather, it's vapourware until it receives funding.


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