Norwegian Students Learn About Ethics Thanks to The Walking Dead

Some high school students in Norway are learning about ethics the COOL way.

I still remember getting a chance to play Oregon Trail during recess in school. Teachers never once considered using it - or any other video game - as a teaching tool, though.

According to a brief report at (as translated by GameSpot), students at Nordahl Grieg High School in Norway are actually playing a video game to learn about ethics. It's the critically acclaimed title from Telltale Games, The Walking Dead. Teacher Tobias Staaby says he was looking for a "good catalyst for discussions about ethical dilemmas," and he found it in Telltale's narrative-driven adventure.

His pupils played the game for a couple of weeks, during which time they took anonymous polls. This way, they could see which decisions proved most popular in the class. Staaby added that at the end of the lesson, students were "contextualizing ethical dilemmas they probably wouldn't have thought about otherwise."

Thankfully, this is a positive report about games. It's difficult to find these days, as one becomes more and more convinced that the mainstream media only searches for evidence to further smear the reputation of the industry. Kids learning about ethics from a game? Man, won't certain anti-game activists be irate.

The wave of the future?

One of the reasons I think gaming works extremely well in education? Oh, it should be obvious: interaction. When we interact with something, we're more likely to remember it; our brains interpret the activity differently. That's why we're taught to take notes. It's because the physical act of writing the fact helps to store it in our memory banks for future use. Furthermore, when it comes to the question of ethics, you really need theoretical situations to discuss. Do you know how many such situations exist in our game stories...?

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Published Jan. 20th 2014
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Another extremely important aspect of games that makes it nice for education is the idea of willingness towards the activity. Endless writing exercises on pointless topics that I could care less about don't help me. Writing about a topic that interests me and has an effect on me, completely different story. It's the same with video games, if the game is purely educational, but is fun and engaging, you will play the crap out of it and learn in the process, because you WANT to, not because you HAVE to.

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