Xur's Exotic Sale: Week 41 Inventory

Exotic sale Week 42, Xur is at the reef with some new goodies!

It's week 42 - my god time flies! Xur is at the reef this week. Let's see what our friend from The Nine has for sale:

For Titans: The new gauntlets, ACD/0 Feedback Fence are on sale for the first time since the launch of House of Wolves. These gauntlets look amazing and have an amazing ability. The main perk is called Wrath Conductors - when an enemy melees you, the gauntlets release a feedback of energy that damages all nearby enemies. This is great for PvP and can be great in PvE in certain situations. This is a decent piece of exotic armor from the new expansion and is a must buy for those who do alot of PvP.

  • Cost: 13 Strange Coins

For Hunters: Another exotic from the new expansion - Khepri's Sting. These gauntlets for Hunters are interesting, as they grant invisibility for either subclass and increase melee power by 4x if behind an enemy while invisible via the main perk. This armor piece is great for those GunSlingers that want to cover and stealth that BladeDancers get. Plus who wouldn't want that melee damage increase? This can be labeled as a buy if you want to complete your exotic collection (or if you like having a giant bug on your arm).

  • Cost: 13 Strange Coins

For Warlocks: Nothing special - Starfire Protocol. This chest piece is a pass, as it it doesn't exactly have a great perk. The main perk is gaining an extra fusion grenade, which can already be gained in the subclass tree. This is a strong pass!

  • Cost: 13 Strange Coins

Weapon of the Week: Hard Light. This auto rifle is great in design, and it shoots bullets made of light. Awesome, right? Looks aside, this is a somewhat decent AR, with the main weapon perk being Volatile Light-Bullets, which overpenetrate enemies and ricochet on hard surfaces. This can be bought at your discretion, as it isnt anything special (like the Suros Regime), but does look great.

  • Cost: 23 Strange Coins

Engram of the Week: Chest engram. Hopefully you saved your motes of light so you can try and gamble on a chance to get that exotic chest piece you may be missing. 

  • Cost: 23 Motes of Light

That's it for Xur's week 42 exotic sale. Until next week, guardians!

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Published Jun. 24th 2015

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