An eSports Injury that can Break a Career and How to Avoid It

Like with all sports, esports has career breaking injuries that can ruin a gamer. There are treatment options for injuries such as carpal tunnel, but with a large price.

With all types of sports, injuries are a common risk athletes take, and esports is no different. Although the eSports participants may be behind a desk on an electronic device, they put their wrists and arms in peril due to the conditions that they endure.

Carpal Tunnel: know and avoid

A familiar wound that many esports gamers encounter during their training and participation is carpal tunnel syndrome that is triggered due to the repetitious motions that they use for their gameplay. This is similar to tennis elbow and trigger finger according to many specialists that these gamers seek. One particular specialist by the name of Dr. Levi Harrison located in Los Angeles is very popular among the players, although he also treats traditional athlete injuries as a focus.

How can this be so career ending?

What many people don't understand, is that a simple pain can turn into an irreversible condition without giving the body enough time to repair itself. According to Dr. Harrison,

If you don’t rest the body doesn’t have a chance to heal itself, to go into a homeostatic state and say okay, now I can repair myself”

“Whether it’s non-stop gaming or non-stop MMA training, the body doesn’t like that, and there’s a price.” - Dr. Levi Harrison

Treatments to diagnose and aid in these eSports injuries can be expensive, and also very time consuming. There are a few exercises that can help prevent these injuries, and Dr. Harrison has uploaded a few on YouTube to aid the eSports players with their carpal tunnel conditions and improve their movement.

If you happen to be an esports participant or play a large amount of video games, you might want to exercise and relax to prevent long-term damage to your wrists and arms from the motions. In the most significant of conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome is also operable when all other treatments have no positive results. 

From Dota 2, League of Legends, and Smite all games that limit hand movement can put you at risk and you should be on the alert for any symptoms.

Has anyone had carpal tunnel and had positive results? Share your experiences below.

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Published Jul. 17th 2015

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