Top 7 Games That Can Totally Destroy Your Relationship

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#1: Fire Emblem: Fates

Nothing hurts like betrayal, and there is more than enough of this to be found in Fire Emblem: Fates. If it wasn't bad enough that you found out that your significant other has a new waifu/husbando in the latest Nintendo strategy RPG, you also find out that they have joined the ranks of those Hoshidan dogs!

Such treachery will destroy even the most tightly-knit relationships. No heart can forgive one who decides to put their blood before love! But now is not the time for words. They must be shown the error of their ways.

For the glory of Nohr!

What games would you have added to this list? Are there any games that have tested any of your relationships in the past? Leave your ideas in the comments section below!

Published Mar. 23rd 2016

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