DICE Requests Balancing Feedback for Battlefield 4

Developer DICE continues to work on the oft-plagued Battlefield 4. The good news is that as they continue to work, they want your feedback.

They've made some gameplay balancing tweaks lately, which will arrive via future updates. When they show up, the designers want you to test 'em out. As DICE said over at the Battlelog:

"We have a wide range of tweaks planned to further balance the core gameplay of Battlefield 4 in upcoming patches. But we need your help in identifying next steps."

Players can now provide feedback about the five incoming changes that will address weapon and vehicle features. Just vote "yes" or "no" on the polls posted at the BF4 blog. Those five changes are as follows: An improvement in the air defense ability of the attack boat, increased lethality against tanks of the FGM-148, changing the power of the stealth jet cannons, altering the fast attack craft cannons, and buffing the MBT and IFC canister shell.

DICE is also working on "many more tweaks," so ideally, the online multiplayer experience will continue to get better and better.

Well, at least the game is playable now

When it first launched, Battlefield 4 had all sorts of problems and unfortunately, many major glitches continued for months. Most fans will tell you that DICE still hasn't fixed everything, and BF4 online remains an unstable (and occasionally frustrating) experience. Yeah, well, that's one of the main reasons I avoid online multiplayer. I play games to relax, thank you.

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Published Jan. 24th 2014
  • Si_W
    Not sure what spec your machine is but I'm having zero problems with BF4 since early December. I was one of those who had a trouble-free Beta and then suffered endless crashes so gave it up for about 5-6 weeks.

    BF4 is definately the best FPS out there at the moment in my opinion.

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