Launch Weekend Comparison: PS4 Crushes PS3

If the numbers are accurate, it means the PS4 did much, MUCH better in its debut weekend as compared to the PS3.

The PlayStation 4 launched last week in Japan and it appears the system is quite popular.

Even though we don't have official numbers from Sony just yet, a new Famitsu report (as cited by Siliconera) says over 320,000 PS4 units were sold during the launch weekend.

If accurate, those 322,083 units top the Wii U's Japanese launch (308,570 units in the same time period) and totally annihilates the PS3's two-day take of 88,443. As for comparing the PS4's early performance to the PS2... well, no console beats the PS2 these days. The best-selling console of all time sold a whopping 630,552 units in its first two days on the Japanese market.

Going into the Japanese launch, the PS4 appeared to hold a substantial global sales lead over Microsoft's Xbox One. If the Japanese launch goes well - and it should - that lead will only increase. It's also important to note that the Xbox brand simply doesn't sell in the Japanese region, a fact Microsoft has been unable to change over the years.

But what do these numbers really mean?

Sure, the PS4 crushed the PS3 in its first two days. It's not necessarily because the PS4 is a better-received machine, either; don't forget that availability for the PS3 was abysmal. You couldn't find one anywhere, even in Japan. Had there been more PS3s available out of the gate in Japan, I'm sure it would've sold a lot more than just 88k in two days.

That being said, the PS4's early performance is definitely encouraging.

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Published Feb. 25th 2014

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