Best Skyrim VR Mods for Better Immersion

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To be totally honest, I don't actually think Skyrim lives up to its hype ... but playing in VR is a radically different experience that really overshadows many of the game's flaws. Bethesda games on PC are best when modded into infinity, and that remains the case with Skyrim VR, as players scour the ever-reliable Nexus Mods site for any changes that will function for Vive and Rift owners.

According to official word from Bethesda, mods aren't supported and aren't even supposed to work at all for the VR rendition of their flagship game. As many players have discovered, however, they will in fact load to varying levels of success so long as a mod doesn't rely on the Skyrim Script Extender (which sadly means most of the nudie mods aren't functional yet).

Due to the nature of VR and changes to the game between versions, some of the texture mods can behave oddly, and you might get some buggy behavior with mods that drastically change the base gameplay, but overall, most of your favorite Nexus mods are workable with Skyrim VR.

In the next few slides, we cover the best mods you should download immediately to make Skyrim VR even more immersive!

Published Apr. 9th 2018

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