Titanfall Updates Outlined by Game Director

Titanfall's Director, Steve Fukuda, discusses the next steps of the game by having the team improve their "update tempo."

With a successful launch of Titanfall earlier this year, the game has gotten to settle in a little and updates are coming. 

The "future of Titanfall" revealed at PAX East this past weekend got a lot of players wishing for more than just the DLC announcement that they got. Director Steve Fukuda posted on the official Titanfall blog delivering just that--more info on the game's upcoming updates and what exactly players can expect. 

Support and Updates Coming

Fukuda readily admits that he and his team are new to the support process by saying that they are "relatively new to the ethos of post-launch support." He outlined their focus into a couple of points. 


The team's first priority is to keep the game running and the "focus here is on the current game, rather than adding new features." Then their focus is turning "convenience features," or things that players do regularly within the game. Then there are the "infrastructural features" that are referencing additional content like the anticipated private matches being incorporated into the game soon. 

Titanfall will not fall!

With expansions such as the "Expedition" map pack and the free updates that will be rolling out soon, Titanfall is heading in a good direction. Depending on what they add to the game will help decide whether they will continue to grow the game's audience or keep it at the current levels. 

I think they have something special in Titanfall if they keep adding to it and improving gameplay. All of the minor tweaks will add up big when or if they decide to come out with a sequel. What are your thoughts on the future of Titanfall

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Published Apr. 15th 2014

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