Sony Celebrates International Women's Day With Kick-Ass Free PS4 Theme

Sony celebrates International Women's Day with a special PlayStation 4 theme featuring many of the iconic women that have appeared in PlayStation games over the years.

For just a little more 100 years, March 8 has been a day set aside to celebrate the achievements of women. 

While it's taken a while for International Women's Day to truly catch on in a lot of places, the internet has taken it from a local observance to a well-known event celebrated by people around the world. Of course, gaming is full of strong women, and video game companies have begun participating as well, honoring women with special pieces of art, videos, and more.

This year, Sony is marking the occasion with a special free PS4 theme, featuring many of the iconic women that appear in the PlayStation catalog.

Included in the theme created by Guerrilla Games' concept artist Choro Choi are The Last of Us' Ellie, Detroit: Become Human's Kara, Tearaway's Atoi, Uncharted's Nadine and Chloe, God of War's Freya, LittleBigPlanet's Sackgirl, and several others.

This is the second International Women's Day theme released for the PlayStation 4. The first one, released last year, features several of the same ladies seen in this year's offering and has a pretty floral theme.

The depictions of the women in it seem a bit more somber, but it's still a very nice rendition from Media Molecule artist Maja-Lisa Kehlet.

Kehlet's theme is still available for download on the PlayStation 4 for those who might find it more their style.

To go along with the new theme, PlayStation Europe also released a special video highlighting many of the women who work on the PlayStation 4 team as well as those who work for the companies that develop PS4 games.

The nice things about videos like these are that they offer a look at the people making our games that might otherwise go unnoticed. 

More information about International Women's Day can be found here

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Published Mar. 8th 2019

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