Nvidia SHIELD's Sibling is a Tablet

Nvidia delivers a tablet worthy of the name "next-gen" for gamers with their new SHIELD Tablet.

The phenomenal folks over at Nvidia are at it once again with their latest piece of awesome technology--the SHIELD Tablet.

Made with the world's fastest Tegra K1 mobile processor, "unbeatable" tablet graphics, video, audio, and an advanced, responsive stylus. It has the ability to pair with the optional SHIELD wireless controller for the ultimate in gaming control. The SHIELD Tablet has everything you could possibly need for your games, apps, and movies with 1080p streaming.

The SHIELD Tablet is set to release on July 29th in the US for $299 and on August 14th in Europe for £229. The SHIELD wireless controller will cost $60 (£35) for controller-only games and the SHIELD Tablet cover will cost $40 (£23).

An exploded view of the hardware

The magnesium thermal shield apparently facilitates a 2x more efficient dissipation of heat compared to any other tablet on the market. - Eurogamer.net

  • SHIELD tablet is 100% Android
  • 8-inch FULL HD display
  • Expandable storage with a microSD slot supporting cards with up to 128GB of capacity
  • Over-the-air updates direct from NVIDIA
  • Runs mobile apps from Google Play
  • SHIELD Tablet comes with an LTE option
  • First mobile device to integrate Twitch to stream live gameplay
  • Uses a direct Wi-Fi connection for low latency & superior bandwidth compared to Bluetooth technology
  • Use the controller’s integrated microphone to search without typing

Tegra K1’s 192 dedicated graphics cores have the same Kepler graphics cores that are built into the GeForce GTX graphics cards and the Tesla supercomputer accelerators. The SHIELD Tablet is allowing developers to bring next-generation gaming engines--like Epic’s Unreal Game Engine 4--to tablets for the first time. I must say it's about time. Will you be grabbing one?

Keep it tuned to GameSkinny for all your news, tips and guides. By the way, yes I'm a Nvidia fan!

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Published Jul. 22nd 2014
  • Chai Chien Liang
    Too bad I only have an AMD graphics card on my gaming laptop, how much does the old handheld Shield cost now? Hear it's pretty cheap, might ask one of my relatives in the US to buy one for me :D

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